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Series Packages




*Series pkg of 3 - $299

Regular price $129


*Results in 1sttreatment, for best results recommended series of 3


 PCA Peels

Series pick of 3- $299

Regular Price $129

*Series pkg of 3 - $279 ($78 value)
*Results in 1st treatment, for best results recommended series of 3


**Discontinue use of Retin A or acids a week prior

**Not to be performed on freshly waxed or sunburned skin, must refrain from sun exposure after peel, using SPF daily. 

** Take home kit not included, may be purchased.


Microcurrent Lift

Series pkg of  6 - $569

($169 value each )

 *This treatment is cumulative, as muscles have memory. Results 1st treatment, but highly recommended in series of 6 weekly, then monthly maintenance.


*Note, We ask you to drink lots of water before microcurrent therapy as it helps better conductivity during treatment

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